Top six web hosting services and their benefits

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A web host is a source that allows companies and people to host a website on the Internet. A web host provides hosting services to create a website. The website is under the control of the server. The hosting service provider will give the server details: username and password. It is like a home to the websites. The website connects to the server, and web-pages will deliver through the browser.

Web hosting services suggest the users select the domain name on the net to register. The Domain is nothing but the business name of the users. An entrepreneur hosts the domain name with web hosting services, as we call the domain hosting.

Types of Domains

There is three main kinds of domain register like .com .in .net .org. difference between these three is .com set for commercial business mostly in the USA, and .net prefers for networking, internet providers, and some technology companies. .org is for non-profit organizations.


HostGater is one of the Topmost web hosting companies. It is familiar in providing web hosting services. Users can enjoy all types of features like dedicated, reseller, virtual private server, and shared hosting. Hence In a short period, it is recognized as a noted web hoister. HostGater provides outstanding support. It acts as a User-friendly HostGater. Web services are excellent. HostGater maintains good relationships with customers by 24 hours of Live Chat and customer care services. Users can report the problem in a moment with the above services.

Founder: Brent Oxley

Year: 22 October 2002

Head Quarters: Houston: Texas United States

Employees: 1000+

Parent Company: Endurance International Group.


Domain Price: $0.95 to $39.95 Per year




Godaddy is a gigantic web hosting company worldwide. Godaddy manages 77 million names and contains 8,000 employees around the world. It has both shared hosting shared and dedicated servers. This web service provider boosts unlimited domain names. Users can utilize particular options that organize to website developers, e-commerce sites, word press builders, and website owners who need dedicated servers. This web service is providing 100 percent security by giving identity like SSL certificates to the users. It provides some essential services like web security, online marketing, and email tools. Hence, More people prefer Godaddy. However, It is unique among other hosting services. Go daddy creates an e-commerce site, manages word press hosting, design services, maintains premium and traditional web hosts. So, this Cloud service should typically be reserved for experienced developers and established larger businesses.


Founded: 1997 Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Employees: 7,000 till 2020

Founder: Bob Parsons

Domain cost is reasonable

Hosting is the low cost

Go Daddy offers free for the first years. and next charges $14.99

Domain and hosting price is $1.00-$94.99 per month

Free Email for one year.

Famous For: Cloud Computing

Blue Host

Blue host hosting service started in 2003 and became the largest hosting provider in the world. It is the largest hosting provider in the world at a reasonable price. Its features are Unlimited disk storage. Domain hosting users can buy a free Server with unlimited disk storage, Email addresses. The widespread C panel is easy to operate and quick access to all features. Also, provide excellent security services.

Company owners: Endurance International Group,

Headquarters: USA

Founder: Matt Heaton

Industry: web posting

Starting rupees 199

Free domain and SSL certificate

Dedicated hosting plans Rs 4859/-

Four cores @2.3GH2

500GB Mirror Storage


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TB Bandwidth

3 IP Addresses

$3.5.95 per month


Amazon Web Services

The Aws Platform came in July 2002. In the beginning, the platform consists of only a few developed with limited online services. Later, with many new ideas. Amazon web services are a cloud-computing platform worldwide. However, AWS technology is amazing on the planet. Hence, Amazon operates from all geographical areas. It works smoothly and reaches to potential outcomes. Amazon web services offer cloud-based products. Like

AWS services






Developer tool

Management tool

Security and enterprise application

Storage is the main feature of Amazon web services. It can use for sole and in combination. Amazon cloud directory is easy to develop and flexible. Cloud directory is helpful to create directories for business purposes in multiple cases like organizational charts, registries, course cat logs. Also, we can do directory solutions like Active Directories and Lightweight Directories. (ADLDS). Users can create a company chart to design the hierarchy for showing the structure of the organization’s location and price. Amazon cloud directories can manage multiple data and save time.

AWS supports both Android and IOS. AWS mobile hub help to access the compatible feature of the app. It includes AWS servers and maintains the mobile application.

The Aws Platform came into existence in July 2002. In the beginning, the platform initiates a few online services. Later, it Enhances with many new ideas Like

Scalable cloud services

Price: Pay as You Go

Domains: $12.00 Per year

Email: Yes (G Suite)



Site Ground came in the Year 22 march 2004. It has more than ten years of experience in web hosting services. Site Ground website is fast for both medium and small websites. It is easy to manage the Word Press site and 100 percent secure and quick access for small and medium configuration sites. The site ground provides a woo-commerce hosting service. It Manages high performing sites that boost the business quickly. Site Ground Provides hosting services more than 20,00000 became popular in a short period. It resolves the enterprise solutions, Domain hosting, and email hosting.

Why choose Site Ground

It is a digital media organization and offers Joomla software services and web hosting. It implements innovative technology by including Linux containers and secure account separation. Site ground Employees are 500+ Employees, and its revenue is 16.2M. Site ground competitors are HostGater and cloud ways.

Head Quarters: Sofia

Sector: IT Sector

Yearly revenue: $16.2M


Hostinger establishes in the year 2004. Hostinger is an International web hosting provider. It is an employee-owned hosting services. Later It is spread to 29 million users. This web host provides cloud hosting services with MY SQL, PHP.

CEO: Balis kriksciunas

Employees: 500

Year: 2004

Business: Private

Head Quarters: Kaunas, Lithuania, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Florianopolis, Brazil.




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