A guide to delete phone pay account / How to delete phone pay

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A guide to delete phone pay account. How to delete phone pay account is helpful to keep our account safe. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) owns the Flipchart, Phone pay is based on the payments bank. The payments bank developers are Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer. Phone pay is an online payment bank, allow you to send and receive money from the linked account. Anyhow It is must to know about A guide to delete phone pay account / How to delete phone pay account.

All these processes will base on the UPI. If you have a phone pay app, create an account and UPI ID to send and receive the money. Without the UPI ID, you unable to send or receive.

There are many payments banks in India, almost to 40 such as Axis Bank, ICICI bank. If the app is with you, it helps you a lot to pay directly with the phone pay, no need to carry the liquid amount with you, and no need to worry about the account. Your account will be safer from many frauds.

A guide to delete phone pay account / How to delete phone pay

Phone pay has terrific features, but you may do not like the services of phone payments. Therefore, you may want to delete the phone pay account. You may have many reasons to deactivate the phone pay account. Here you may know about how to delete the phone pay account permanently

First, you open the phone pay app and click on the question mark icon.

Then select my account and KYC, phone pay account details.

Now click on delete my phone pay account.

Within two days, the customer care team will call you to confirm you are deleting of the phone pay account.

By this, you may deactivate your phone pay account permanently.


Google account

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For Gmail, Google meet, bloggers, the Google account is valid, and some of them do not need Google account such as Google search, YouTube, Google maps. Google account need for uploading videos on YouTube and editing maps in Google maps. Tube and bloggers need special accounts. If you delete your Google account, you may lose all the data, such as emails, files, calendars.

Without the account in Google, you may be unable to use the Google services, such as g mail, drive, calendars, and play store. You may lose the content you saved on YouTube or in your Google account and access your subscriptions.

Before you delete the Google account, you first review the account and download the data you need.

If you add your g mail address for banking services or other apps, add a new email address to your services. If you want to recover your account later, then update your account recovery info. Google may deactivate your account for many reasons of unusual activities.

How to delete a Google account

Open Google and search for my account. Google.com

You may observe data and personalization on the left side.

Scroll to download, delete, or plan for an account

Select delete account or services

Select delete your account.

Your account will be no longer. The data will be no longer to you, which is in your account.

Conclusion: A guide to delete phone pay account is necessary to keep our account safe. We should know about every new feature before going to operate because technology is developing fast fast for every new feature there will be a fraud. Therefore we should learn about the features first. Anyhow online transaction is helpful to us in an emergency cases. We can use it from anywhere. Hence this app is famous in the world. Users can use this app for their transactions.



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