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Android studio is best to develop an android app, the language used by the Android is Java programming. There is not much use of code. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to download the Android studio. The first step is to download the Android Studio and open the Android studio’s new project; below the quick start menu,  choose an option to start a new Android studio project.  On the window of the create a new project, opens name your project  Hello World.

As you select to, create the company name as desired. Change it if

desired, as the project file location, then select on next button. Check that the phone and the tablet are the only boxes to be verified.  As you want to check the app on your phone, check that the minimum SDK need to be below the mobile’s operating system. Select on the next button and then click on the blank activity, then select on the next button, leave the activity name fields, then click on the finish button.

The next step is to edit the welcome message in the main activity. Navigate the action, as it doesn’t open already.  Check the design tab need to be open on the move. Now click and drag the Hello world; this option will be available on the upper left corner of your mobile.

Open the values closer, which is on the left side of the project file system window. When the new value folder is opened, double-click on the strings file. As the file is opened, you may see the line Hello world. Then the  Hello world message, add the welcome to my app. Now navigate back to the activity tab. Check the centre text reads Hello world, welcome to my app. The next step is to add the button to the main activity. Now navigate the design tab of the activity display. You may observe the button to the left side of your mobile show in the palette menu. Click and drag the switch as  it is centred under the welcome message. Check the button that is yet

to be selected. You may observe the field for text as you scroll down in the property menu option. Now change the new button to the next page.  The next step is to create a second activity. Select the app as it is observed on the project system tree display. Navigate the blank activity. Now change the name of the activity to the second activity. Now click on the finish  button. Check that you are in the design view activity. In the upper left of your mobile display, drag the text box as it is down to the centre.  On the right side of the properties menu, you may observe the ID field as the text box yet selected, then set it to text2.

Now click on the strings again. Now add a new line below the Hello

world; welcome to my app. Now it will read welcome to the second page. Now go back to the activity second.  Now again, choose the text box.  Set the text to the @string/second page in the properties menu option.  Now check the text box that reads welcome to the second page in the middle of your mobile display screen.

The next step is to write the buttons on the click method. After completing the technique, you mayobserve the green play symbol from the toolbar at the top of your android studio window. Click on the green play symbol. Click on the Launch emulator option when the chosen device dialogue appears. Now click on ok. As the emulator opens, the app automatically launches upon the virtual mobile being unlocked. Check that all of your text displays properly, as that buttons

moves you to the next page.

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