Benefits of solar power products / Solar power project uses

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Benefits of solar power products /Solar power project uses Solar power is a popular form of energy. Nowadays there are countless houses, shops, offices, schools, and colleges. Therefore, to consume power, people are using solar power to use their need for electricity. Solar power system never ends as long as the sun remains and it is pollution-free. Solar-powered products came into existence in these days, like solar cooker, solar cell phone charger, solar traffic light solar heater, solar inverter,

Due to less cost and pollution-free, lot of people is using this product. This system is highly useful for many areas with frequent power cuts by storing extra power energy in batteries. Nowadays, vehicles like solar cars, solar buses, and two-wheelers will use to remove electricity charges. Therefore, govt is planning to increase the solar power systems. In 1839, Alexander Edmond Becquerel introduced solar power. He was a French scientist. He won this credit, that the discovery of the

Photoelectric effects which is the operating principle of the solar cell.  

The US department calculated that the energy that for every one hour,

4.30 quintillion joules of energy from the sun hit the earth. That is 430 with 18zeroes. By this, we can understand how much solar power we can change and consume.  


Shakthi sthala pavagada

Shakthi sthala pavagada solar park is in Karnataka. It is the world’s biggest solar park in our country.  

Now let you know about how solar power works

 How solar power will converts into electrical energy. Firstly, photovoltaic (PV) uses silicon solar cells to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity. Operates under the photoelectric effect when results in the emission of electrons. Concentrated solar power (CSP) uses lenses or mirrors and tracking devices to focus a large area of sunlight on a small beam. Today solar power has many uses from heating electrical production, thermal process, water treatment, and storage of power that is lightly prevalent in the world of renewable energy.

The benefits of solar power

1) Reduce your electrical bills. 

2) Minimize future utility rate increases. 

3) Reduce your environmental impact. 

4) Noble source of clean energy 

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Received 30% of system cost as tax credit

As tax credit

6) Increase your environmental impact.  

Now we will discuss solar vehicles… 

A solar vehicle or solar electric vehicle is an electric vehicle that works through direct solar energy. 

Usually, photovoltaic (PV) cells contained in solar panels convert the sun’s energy directly into electric energy. The term “solar vehicle” usually implies to solar energy is used to power all the parts of a vehicle’s propulsion. Solar power also used to provide power for communications, controls, or other main functions 

Solar panel

Solar panels also called modules to contain photovoltaic cells made from silicon that transform incoming sunlight into electricity or heat. Photovoltaic means electricity from light. 

Solar inverter: 

The inverter has to locate near the main. As the inverter makes some noise, it will fix the sidewall to get rid of the noise. 

The inverter turns the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC that will use immediately by connecting the inverter directly to a dedicated circuit breaker in the electric board. 


The inverter, electricity production meter, and electricity net meter will connect. Therefore, that current will produce from your solar power project successively. 

Solar Car: 

A solar vehicle (car is for land transport. Solar cars usually run with solar power.

It runs with the help of solar batteries also. The first solar car was a tiny 15-inch vehicle created by General Motors’ employ William G. Cobb in 1955 in Chicago. The first solar family car made in 2013. Therefore, the government has to take the necessary steps for the development of solar power. It will give a good future technological development. Received 30% of system cost as tax credit


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