Best iPhone QR Code Reader

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Look at Best iPhone QR Code Reader. A QR code is a short form of quick response code. It consists of a matrix bar code. We can also call it a two-dimensional bar code. It developed in 1994 in Japan for the automatic industry. This machine-readable optical labeled that consists of data about a particular item to which includes. QR code has the information for a locater identifier, trackers, that point out network, or an application. Know about some Best iPhone QR Code Reader.

QR code Features

QR code has four modes to save information accurately, alphanumeric, byte, binary, and numeric value. A QR code system became trendy for its quick readability and capacity to store the data and compare it to standard UPC Barcode. QR code includes item tracking, product identification, time tracking, and record management.


QR code view

A QR code consists of a black square shape crisscross. Its background is white, which supports to read an image for electronic devices such as a camera. 

How it works

The data has retrieved the patterns, which are present in horizontal and vertical parts of the picture.


i-nigma QR code scanner is a free data reader for the iPhone. 3G version developed this software. i-nigma QR code reader offers a quick bar code reader for a 1D and 2D barcode.

Features of the i-nigma scanner


I-nigma QR code helps to download the software, scans a document, business cards, and finds the product with your iPhone. QR code exams all codes easily without setup. It accesses quickly, on video, news, sweepstakes, music, and all mobile data. It shares code through the messaging app. We can save the contacts and can send them through social networks, like Facebook and Instagram. Scans the Geo-location and can open on the map. I-nigma, purchasers can compare the price list of all items online.

It will access the contacts and other data. It supports various languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian Portuguese Russian, and Hungarian.

Neo reader

Neo reader is a universal QR code reader that transfers the mobile into a bar code reader and allows us to scan mobile data by reading codes from publications will board, packaging retail, display broadcasting media, printing ads, and others.

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Features of Neo reader

Neo reader supports Whats App to share the data.

It simplifies the Chinese Language.

Support to scan the products via EAN/ UPC scan

Improves translating the data and PDF417

Crop mode can show the image by preventing the live stream.

This software development kit is available for windows phones as well.


Kasper sky QR scanner


Kasper sky QR code scanner scans any code with the help of a link you have without damaging the mobile device. Kasper sky QR code reader is easy to scans the code on comparing to other QR Code readers. Just touch the app and point out a camera on the device and scan the QR code. Then it will show the data, which is associated with the device. It is an excellent tool to scan the QR code. Kasper sky checks the links quickly and keeps them safe. It is 100 percent safe to scan the code. Capture the new business card details without any fault. It shows the history of scans. We can easily open our previous data, images, and web links and scans the info automatically. QR code adds the new contact into your contact list automatically. It shows warning signs of any danger occurs behind a QR code.


Quick Mark


Quick mark QR scanner is a free tool to access an effective QR processor and bar code scanner for iPhone. It can share the bar code from various sources like saved contact.


Features of quick mark

Quick Mark is an excellent tool to read multiple barcodes from instant code format, Data matrix, EAN 8/ 13, code 39, and code 128.

It will access web site links, contacts, track the Geo-location, shares the bar code reader. It can export to a third-party application like sms and email.


iPhone QR code reader is essential in our daily life to retrieve and store data on our mobile. It can show anywhere at any time. Hence, this new feature is handy for every mobile user. Therefore, companies are trying to implement new features to the existed technology.

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