Christmas celebrations 2019 years around the world

Christmas is a wonderful day everyone. People celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a festival and share their happiest moments with everyone. Children enjoy and dance in group dances
Parents buy gifts for their children on Christmas. Devotees feel that Jesus will be in their house. Billions of people celebrate Christmas with joy and sing songs with choruses. Christmas celebrations attract billions of people. Every human tries to see the celebration and their happiest moments. It is a popular festival around the world. Billions of people treat Jesus as a universal god. Later Christmas became a Universal festival.
Christmas festival is a universal festival celebrated around the world. India, United States, London, Australia, North, America, South America, Europe, and in all Asian Countries.On December 25th
Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem in Judea on 25th December, so people celebrate Christmas as Jesus Christ’s birthday around the world. Christians believe that Jesus is in-carnation of God, meaning the son of God. Jesus learned scriptures and Jewish history and culture from his parents which were compulsory for all Jewish men in the first century BC. Later he learned scriptures, law, reading, writing, elementary science and mathematics. It is not sure whether he learned at school or at home but acquired knowledge

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