How to get millions of viewers on your website

Content is the king of the website. Learn how to get millions of viewers on your website. Keep attractive headings. Without content, we cannot make the website popular. Website viewers can visit your website for info if you post trend news viewers will follow your site regularly. Digital marketers will explain how to get millions of viewers on your website. Content writing is the main feature and it assists digital marketing services.

How to write good content.

Topic selection is the main feature. Follow Google Trends and select an interesting topic. Around the world, as more people search for the latest technology, and tech news. In the software market, every person is searching for Google trends. Post the topics regularly. The content should be in easy language. Which is readable If you write the high language you will get fewer views. If it is readable, several people will follow your website for relevant news. Research the keyword in the keyword planner tool. It will display a number of keywords. Write the content by using those keywords.

For example” free coaching for the competitive exam” is a keyword.

Google keyword planner displays all the keywords to the above keyword. 

Main keyword research.

Your domain name is your main keyword. Research the main keyword in the Google keyword planner tool. Write the content by using the keywords. Then you will get organic traffic.

Traffic types are as follows.

Organic traffic

Direct traffic 

Referral traffic 

If you post articles regularly you will get all three traffics. 

SEO-based content.

SEO-Based content is the most important for getting millions of viewers. Content writers write the content by using trendy keywords and info. So viewers will visit your site naturally. Every website owner wants to get traffic and pay for their new product Website owner attracts the visitor with attractive articles and relevant quality content.

Focus on your audience.

Select the topic according to your audience’s choice. Give detailed info for the relevant topic.


Unique content is a must why, because copy content cannot be indexed in search engines. So viewers please check your content in the plagiarism tool. The plagiarism tool will display the copy content. 

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Content Writing

Content writing
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CV writing
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Grant writing
Publishing houses

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