drake passage smooth sailing

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Drake Passage

Drake Passage lies between south western parts of the Atlantic Ocean and part of the southern ocean. It is also known as the Mar de Hoces Sea of Hoces, and is a water body between South America and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. Its width is a hundred miles (160 km) and its depth is 600 miles (1000 km).1914 Drake Passage played a significant role in the trade of the 19th and 20th centuries. Every person will feel afraid to cross . Watch the video of Drake Passage smooth sailing. Passage crossing time is 48 hours who can cross in a right way. See the video below drake passage smooth sailing.

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The Drake Passage is 11.000 feet (3.400 meters) and continuously up to 15.600 feet deeper (4,800 meters) near the northern and southern boundaries. The temperature ranges from 41°f (5° c) in the north to 27°f(-3°c) in the south. Water temperature from 43° f(6°c) in the north to 30°f in the south, the Passage is ice-free in late summer (February) and icy in September. 25% extends to 60° S. Water in the Passage flows from west to east, and makes a part of the Antarctic circumpolar current. Scholars estimated the rate of flow at 3400 5300 million cubic feet per second. Plankton and krill organisms are the food sources for blue whales, squid penguins, crab eaters and seals. Antarctic cords are the most common fish. Antarctica is a wonderful place to visit, but accommodation for visitors is less. Most of the visitors try to see it on the website. Amazing videos attract visitors. It took 48 hours to cross.

The passage is between Cape Horn South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. People cannot cross the Drake Passage, but Six Rowers crossed the Drake Passage. These people belong to four countries
Fiann Paul Colin ‘O’’ Brady, Bellamy Andrew Towne, Jamie Douglass, Hamilton, John Petersen – they took 12 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes to row, record that the first human-powered crossing of the Drake Passage successfully’.
Huge Number of People are Looking at Rowers of Passage.

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