Darbar /Rajinikanth movie

Watch the Darbar movie highlights. Why did the hero (Rajinikanth) kill all the gangsters in Darbar movies? AR Murugadoss’s Darbar Title proposes that Movie is about a King and his followers. HERO (Rajinikanth) Part is a policeman in 2020. He fought for all the inconveniences’ of the people. Adithya Arunachalam (Rajinikanth) takes action to kill all gangsters. A human rights officer came to take any action on the policeman, but he forcibly made her sign all the documents. Nayanathara looks beautiful in its traditional appearance. She played an attractive role in darbar movies. Thalaivar plays a fantastic role in mixing sentiment, comedy, fights and a new-fangled style. See the movie for Why the Thalaivar killed all the gangsters in Darbar movie. A sentimental scene between (Niveda Thomas’) daughter and (Rajinikanth’s) father is fascinating. Audience attracts with this highlight scene in the movie

Jatin Sarna, Prateik Babbar, Nawab Shah, and Sunil Shetty played as gangsters. The fight scenes between gangsters and heroes are extraordinary. Sunil Shetty plays the main villain role in the movie. Hero (Rajinikanth) sends away political pressure with Punch dialogues. And see how he saved people. It is a regular story but twisting scenes attracts an audience. Comedy scenes between a comedian (yogibabu) and hero (Rajinikanth) make the audience laugh. Every action in the movie appears in a new style.

Sunil Shetty plays the main villain role in the movie. The climax scene between a villain (Sunil Shetty) and a Hero (Rajinikanth) is more curious to see.

Hope that all the highlighted scenes in the movie will get the biggest hit in 2020.
Screenplay Direction is wonderful

Realistic cinematography is attractive. A Script writer creates a fantastic story.
Cast Rajinikanth and Nayanathara


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