Funny birds and their actions

Funny birds and their actions are interesting¬† to see. People love birds and will keep them as their pets. Birds have the freedom to fly anywhere in the world. People enjoy funny birds. We should relax for some time on seeing the bird’s actions. Every person likes birds.Funny birds and their actions are cute. It is the most important thing in our daily life.

Birds sounds

Astrologically some people believe that feeding birds can give positive results in all aspects. Bird sounds inspire us to wake up early in the morning.

Birds can build their own house/ nest and see the wonderful nest that the bird is building.

Bird life

Bird is building nest


Sometimes birds sing a song. Music composers follow the rhythms of birds sounds. The music composer composes the bird sound as a wonderful song. Song writers can write lyrics with the inspiration of bird movements. and can write birds sounds.

Bird lovers can hear the nightingale song. People love singing birds and nightingales.


A Parrot can speak with human beings and understand our movement and cooperate with human beings.

Talking Parrot

Funny parrot


So many bird sanctuaries are there around the world. People visit the sanctuaries to enjoy birds. Children will show interest in visiting the beautiful bird in the holidays. Children will play a lot with all types of birds.

Some birds can sing and dance. See those funny birds.

Dancing bird

Bird dance


See the amazing dance of the peacock. Every person loves the peacock dance.

Peacock dance

Beautiful peacock in the garden

Brilliant parrot showing vocabulary skills

African grey parrot

Einstein African grey parrot shows off her vocabulary skills

Some birds are sources of food. It is useful for plant reproduction. Bird sanctuaries in India and other countries are helpful.

Bird sanctuaries in India


Artificial birds

Real bird reaction to seeing artificial birds

Real bird vs artificial bird



Bird drawing

How to draw a bird easily

Bird drawings for kids

Funny video of parrot dancing for OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

African grey parrot chanting HARI OM TAT SAT


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