Excellent painting tutorial for beginners

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Excellent painting tutorial for beginners. Painting is a hobby for so many people. see the waterfall landscape painting tutorial for beginners. see excellent painting tutorial for beginners It is compulsory in school education for every student to learn and participate in the competition. Around the world, painting competitions are being conducted to motivate students. Art and painting competitors are searching for various videos to compete with others. Painting materials are too costly but all the designs are attractive. The painting tutorial is essential for growing kids.




Watercolor painting


Watercolor painting is made of pigments. paint mixes with water and Kajal baroque castle painters use for sketches, copies, or cartoons and is used to museum and publications. Botanical artists also use the watercolour painting for their scientific uses. It is an ancient painting.




Divisional is also called as chromoluminarism means separation of color into patches and dots, which interact with each other. It will be shown as physically mixing pigments. Divisionism shows the maximum Luminous objects. Divisional is another style called pointillism. Pointillism is a famous painting in olden days.

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pastel painting


pastel drawing shows a Luminous color and rich velvet texture due to pastel powder in pure pigment. An artist allows pastels. Before using the pastel, Painter should know about the pastel
Pastel has an In-depth book on different colors composition quality and type of color pastels are in focus forms.
Hard pastel
Oil pastel
soft pastel
Pastel pencils
Hard pastels are used for creating light.
Soft pastels will easily bend and oil painting shows the drawing effectively.




Oil pastels are a type of pastel, which contains pigment. It has a wax binder. It is quite similar to waxy crayons





Acrylic painting.

Acrylic is a fast-drying paint. Acrylic is water-soluble and waterproof paint. After finishing painting it looks like watercolor.  The paint is diluted with water.



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