Famous Android Apps To Earn Money

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Firstly, when you got a new android mobile then it off the artificial films second thing is that add your Google account and finish setting it up. Now it is time to download few apps if you are new to the android ecosystem you should learn about some famous apps. Now a day’s android mobile have continued to grow. Therefore, we have to see some amazing apps; here we are going to highlight few apps that is necessary for every android user. Famous Android Apps to earn money easily. every user is earning money through these apps in the world. so have a look about these famous android apps to earn money.

First, I am introducing about some familiar apps; however, in my opinion it is handy to operate every transaction. Therefore, it is better to learn about specific apps. First, I install three apps, and try to manage the apps in android experience looks definitely worthier no matter if you are normal user

Solid explorer

Solid explorer is ultimate file explorer app, it is the best among all other apps to browse, it allows you to do so much, and its feature inherits encryption to encrypt your important files. It supports to connect the external server of your own there are many features like Google drive and drop box integration is one of the android apps, and honestly worth it and  generate unique, tough passwords that people and machines will not be able to guess



Tasker is one of the best multiplex apps it has a little bit of sharp learning curve to it particularly for beginners but once if you know about it , it is one of the most useful app. it automate almost every aspect of your mobile usage and make it work the way you want. It reduces a lot of manual input and recitative behavior by setting automatic actions to the specifications and restrictions you want. It works around an amazing functionality to your Smartphone. Tasker can probably solve all the problems that get to Smartphone


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Best Android Apps for videos

Here there are some of our favourite apps for videos and media consumption, for videos and for streaming movies and TV series, content from your favourite contents producers for all there we have some of our favourite apps



Netflix does not need any introduction. Presently Netflix is one of the biggest media companies, for namesake it has 200 million users for videos streaming services here you will find all kind of movies and TV series new and old from fantasy, to actions all the way to terror and suspense. It is the best one on the planet and biggest as well. In this you can earn money click on google to get detail info.




YouTube is the world’s biggest platform to watch videos, you can check content from your favourite you tubers. You can find educational videos and can watch videos of music and you can even upload anything, as you want. It supports for HDR videos and several features such as pictures-in-pictures (pip). It supports to play videos in the highest resolution available for your Smartphone. you can earn money by posting videos in you Tube

Conclusion: Android phone is essential nowadays. It is handy to make transactions and saving our valuable time. Therefore, every user is using smart phone for their   personal use. It is not only useful for personal use but also for official use. Now all educational institutions are conducting online classes for the students.



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