Free Avast Antivirus

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Free Avast Antivirus is for home use. It removes viruses, malware ransomware, and Trojans. Anti-virus is a free certified pack. It is a complete ICSA certified antivirus software for domestic use. Free Avast Antivirus  secured 100 percent award in a virus bulletin.



Avast antivirus consists of the following components



An on-demand scanner is a selected scanner in this you can select the file you want to scan and choose the play button in the drop-down menu. 


On-access scanner 

 The on-access scanner scans all files which are open, read and written. It monitors and takes action against all dangerous viruses.


 Email scanner Maintenance of both incoming and outgoing mails all provides it provides an interesting analysis of mail content to protect against new worms.


 Network Shield 

Network Shield scans traffic for malicious content slight firewall



Resident protection It is a good protector for IM programs. For example: Messenger, ICQ, and Msn.



Boot time scanner

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 The boot time scanner scans the disk at a time and in the same way that Windows CHKDSK. (NT 2000/XP) only

 Explorer scanner 

 It scans every object. Right-click on the object and choose the scan option. Then click the run button.


Screen saver scanner: It scans the entire PC time in leisure time.


Virus chart: Simply we will call as a safety folder we can store malware suspicious and useful system files in this virus chart.


 Incremental updates of fewer than 100 KB sizes are available at least 2 times in a week and a couple of hours in an emergency for a new virus. 


Avast systematically auto-checks new updates, downloads installers and loads them without restart or logging off (about 300 KB) 

Avast antivirus is available in the following languages

 English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and other languages

 Download Avast in your language.






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