Is Nepotism Good Or Bad?

The term comes from the Italian word ‘Nepos’ that means nephew. Nepotism or Favouritism means supporting their blood relatives.It is also known as favouritism

Several people in all fields are supporting and giving importance to their nephews and other relatives. In the olden days, people gave some supreme positions to their relatives. Gradually it increased. In the olden days, hierarchy allowed a supreme place to their legal heirs. People always criticise favouritism. In ancient times philosophers like Aristotle Confucius criticised. Nowadays the question raised that ‘Is nepotism good or bad? Every Person Searching for ‘Is Nepotism good or bad?. Nepotism is supported in some fields and in others it is completely
ruins the development of our Nation.

Advantages of Nepotism

Business people usually do this. It is suitable for them because sons and daughters are legal heirs to their own business. So here, favouritism continues as usual. Family members will work hard in a dedicated way. When the business has lowered turnover family members will try to get more turnover, so it is most suitable for business people.
In the government sector, it is highly impossible to place their relatives. Nowadays, it has become strict.
In the private sector, one can refer to the candidate ‘but’ he can prove their talent in the workplace.

In media/film

In movies and other media-related organisations, people will refer the candidate but that person can prove their talent. Otherwise, the audience cannot accept and refuses the star immediately. Gradually the chances will decrease.

Disadvantages of Nepotism

Nepotism is not suitable for all fields. Sometimes it will lead to depression among people. Talented people are not growing in the high range. Therefore, people are criticising in high range and fight against nepotism.

Note: Everything is in the hands of the audience. People should think and try to encourage talented people to develop our nation in all fields. Please do not support nepotism.

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