Govt Apps / Essential Apps Which Are Useful For Us In Our Daily Life

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Govt Apps / Essential Apps Which Are Useful For Us In Our Daily Life. We need apps to do each transaction in online. The following apps are essential for us.

Aaykar Setu 

The department of the income tax has launched the Aaykar Setu app. The Aaykar Setu app makes it easier for taxpayers to understand taxation. It gives many solutions for several queries. Finance minister Arun Jaitley launched the Aaykar Setu app in July 2017. It is the initiative of digital India.

The term Aaykar means taxpayer, and Setu means bridge. You may install the Aaykar Setu app from the Google Play Store free. You need to register the app with your mobile number. You need to link with the Aadhaar card number and pan card number.

It serves as a guide to the taxpayers. This app is straightforward to use for the convenience of the taxpayers. Aaykar Setu app gives you updates of the dates of the taxes. It is helpful for several purposes. You receive messages to the registered mobile number. It offers you tax payment, refund application, grievance redressal, and many more.


The BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money, does the National payment cooperation of India develop an Indian mobile payment app.

The BHIM app is for the unified payments interface. The app launched on the 30th of  December in the year 2016. The app tends to facilitate e-payment directly to the bank and to increase cashless transactions.

The BHIM app is free to download from the Google Play Store is available in 20 languages.

It supports all Indian banks that use UPI and is over the immediate payment services. It allows the users to transfer the money between the bank accounts of both parties.

May use this app be used in all mobile apps. It helps the users to send and receive the money from UPI payment addresses. The BHIM app is the only app that transfers and receives money from two different bank accounts.

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Without this BHIM, it may not be possible for money transactions.

It allows you to do money transactions on any day, even on bank holidays.

You may send the money from your contacts list, and also, you may save the payment addresses for later use. There is no fee for the transactions, and you may be done the transactions from 1 rupee to 100,000 rupees. Indian banks proposed the transaction fee on UPI transactions.

Digi locker 

Digi locker is available on the website and on mobile apps. Digi locker is for store documents. It should link to the Aadhaar card and mobile number; it does not use physical documents, as it is part of the government’s digital India. All the documents will store in the cloud. The documents, which will scan, that copies you may upload. You may also access them anywhere. The documents that you uploaded, you may also e-sign.

Organizations are registered with the Digi lockers that include UIDAI, many ministries such as road transport and highways, income tax, and several central governments and state governments.

Digi lockers have users of 1.3 crores, according to updated statistics. People use it for pan cards, mark sheets, caste certificates, birth certificates, and ration cards.

You may download the Digi lockers by going through the website of the Digi lockers. Using your Aadhaar card number and mobile number, you may create an account of the user ID using OTP. If the organization has uploaded your documents, you may see them in the account you have created. You may also upload the documents and e-sign them. You may also share the documents with others by sharing the link to the e-documents.


It is a mobile app developed by the CIET and NCERT. The initiators of this app are the ministry of human resource development, CIET, NCERT. The pathshala app is launched in the year 2015. The app may host and access the web by the educational resources for teachers, students, parents, researchers, and educators and install the app from the Google Play Store, windows. It provides in English, Hindi, and Urdu languages.

This app provides you the educational resources, and the app includes NCERT textbooks for classes 1-12, periodicals, supplements, and various other prints and non-print materials. The user may download all these materials for offline use with no limits of downloads. It also supports you for the flip booking format to give experiences that are more realistic.

The All India Football Federation launches the e-pathshala app in partnership with the sports Authority of India. It is a platform for the athletes coaching program in football for the grassroots and intermediate. It is launched to recognize and develop the interest in children.


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