Home remedies for diabetes

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Home ingredients for diabetes
Keep your sugar levels stable with the following home remedies for diabetes
Soak one spoonful of Fenugreek seeds overnight and have it.follow these home remedies for diabetes to control blood sugar levels.
Drink half  a glass of Aloevera juice daily.
Take a glass of lemon water with an empty stomach.
Add bitterguard curry to your menu.
Drink half a glass of neem leaf juice to reduce high sugar levels instantly
Brisk walking will keep both sugar and BP levels stable.
Take one full glass of Ajwan water daily.
Boil guava leaves in a glass of water and have it to reduce sugar levels.
Do kapalbhathi for 30 mins without a break.
Home remedies for diabetics are better than medicines
Eat a spoonful of tamarind seed powder to decrease sugar levels

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