Home remedies for good health

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Home remedies for dry cough


home remedies with honey
home remedies with honey

Do not give Honey under 1-year babies 

Mix Honey with warm water

Eat a piece of ginger and mix it with water. Carom seeds, salt, pepper, Take these three ingredients, and make powder and have it half spoon with an empty stomach.


 Home remedies for headache


home remedies for headache
home remedies for headache


Eat a bit of jaggery or any sweet when you have a headache Especially, a migraine headache.


Drink plenty of water frequently to avoid dehydration and headache.

Sound sleep is the best remedy to avoid a frequent headache. Eight to ten hours of sleep are compulsory.


Drink hot coffee or tea


Press the palm, press hardly where you feel pain in the hand

Take a cup of ginger tea.


 Home remedies for dandruff

Home remedies for dandruff
Home remedies for dandruff


Apply coconut oil regularly

Rub the lemon juice into the scalp, wait for 15 minutes, and take a head bath

Apply Aloe Vera paste to the scalp and take a head bath


Apply only conditioner shampoo for head bath


Home remedies for acidity


Add one spoon of apple cider vinegar glass of water and have it will reduce acidity pains.

Take a glass of lemon water to release stress and tension.


Home remedies for hair fall


The best remedy for hair fall is to apply fenugreek paste to the scalp.

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight, grind it, and make a paste, apply it to the scalp, wait for 20 minutes and take a head bath


 Home remedies for cold

Take a spoon of turmeric, make a paste it with water, and have it for immediate results. This wills kills bacteria from your nose.

Apply zandubalm to the nose. It will remove bacteria from your nose and stops cold immediately.


 Home remedies for eye problems


For all eye related problems, do not go for home remedies.  

Consult an ophthalmologist. 


Home remedies for sore throat problem


Gargle warm water frequently.




 Home remedies for fever


Keep your room cool to keep a wet cloth on your forehead.

Try to take fruit juices and liquid.

Avoid cold water and drinks.

According to severity, consult doctors,

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Home remedies for pimples


Take these ingredients

Two tablespoons milk

One spoon of turmeric

One spoon of chana flour

One spoon of sandal powder

Make a paste of all these ingredients, apply it to your face, and wait for 20 minutes and wash your face.


Take two tablespoons of milk, mix it with lemon, and apply it to your face.


Apply  aloe Vera paste


Apply aloe Vera paste to face in affected parts, remain for five minutes, and wash your face.


 Home remedies for acidity 

home remedies for acidity
home remedies for acidity



Take a glass of warm water.

Ginger paste in warm water and have it with an empty stomach.


Have a cup of cinnamon tea. It will remove acidity and improves digestion and absorption,


Chew fennel seeds after meals to prevent stomach acidity

Fennel tea helps to clean the digestive tract, and it helps digestion.



Buttermilk can remove acidity in a minute and removes, burning sensation in the track and stomach.


Have a piece of jaggery it maintains normal, body temperature and cold the stomach


Cloves are an old ayurvedic remedy to prevent gas formation in the stomach.

 Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds work as the best remedy for stomach pain.


Home remedies for pains

Apply apple cider vinegar in the affected area. It will kill the acne always apple cider vinegar to mow with water.

Home remedies for sciatica.


Ice therapy is the best remedy for sciatica.


Home remedies for leg pain


Heat and ice therapy is the best remedy for leg pain.

Drink apple cider vinegar

Drink water to circulate blood in all parts of the body. Then it will reduce pain.


Moving legs are essential.

Home remedies for foot pain

Keep your legs in warm water and simple exercises. Just move up and down.

Massage with oil.






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