Innovative android apps / science apps for free download

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Innovative android apps / science apps for free download are essential to install in android phone. Science app is the study of the world around us. Students learn science by observing, describing the world around them. Smartphone, tablets provide vast potential for science, and the app-development people benefit from mobile devices’ built-in sensors to make apps for science enthusiasts. The science apps help the teachers and students explore different science branches as chemistry, physics, and astronomy. The below best science apps help students develop their skills by exploring space, planets, the solar system, and many like these. Anyhow, the innovative science apps for free download is necessary on your Android and IOS devices. You may have great time learning about the world with the help of these science apps.

Innovative android apps / science apps for free download


This app is best for conservation efforts and publishable research. Ornithology Cornell lab manages it.

The app helps you to log the bird sightings. You may observe the finding, and you may share. It is free to download, and you may mark the bird and spot the location. It shows the nearby birds’ hotspots. This app also works offline.

Star walk

App provides a piece of information about the stars and the planets. The app may track the ISS from sunset to mars. This app is free to download and accessible for both Android and IOS.

NASA globe observer 

This app provides you information about scientific research, about the mosquito’s habitats, land cover. This app can collect cloud cover. You may order the photos, watch the conditions, and submit all the images you gathered to NASA. You may log in to the GPS sensors of your phone to get the location, and you may compare with the satellite imagery.

My shake

This app helps you to create a global picture of seismic activities. It will use to gather data and does not affect the usual activity of the phone. This app helps you to identify genuine earthquake tremors and seismic movements.

The Elements

It is the best resource for the IOS devices and will display in the physical form with the information. It has depth background details such as how it was discovered and about the current price. An educational app is handy for students.

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This app is free to download, and it is beneficial to see through the perfect magic of reality. You may see the digital graphics on any form of particle accelerator as it makes it more impressive. This app is the best; after you downloaded the app, you may see the instructions on the website. You may also know about electromagnetic fields.

Wolfram Alpha

It is the best calculation engine as it is the supercharged search. It gives information about materials, chemistry formulae, earth geological layers, and star maps.

The app may also solve maths problems and converts them into measurements.

Science journal

It may harness the sensors in your phone with the sound, light, pressure, and motion readings. Through the instruments, with the help of photos, notes, and observations, the information may gather information. This app is handy for everyone.


Science apps are more helpful in an urgency to find the relevant info. We can see updates in our android phone in any location.


We should see detailed information on pc or laptop. In Android, we cannot see some features and work with that organization, and we need a website.


Science apps are c-operative with us. In our daily life, we can use science apps in numerous ways. We can gather the information in one place and easy to find anything through the app. We can install and see the info on Android. It is handy to operate.


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