Most popular game apps / Popular games for school children

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Game apps are helpful for children. In this pandemic period, children are playing with android apps. These are the best entertainments for children to live happily. Most popular game apps will give knowledge to children, and also they feel happy. Anyhow, most popular game apps are necessary for school children to play online. It will motivate children from all angles.

Words with friends is Most popular game apps

Gradually you may hear about the app words with friends, as it is usually a variation scrabble for the mobiles. Welcome your friends to play; you may receive alerts as your turn comes to create a word. Play with your friends or your known people. It is a perfect app. It free to download It is the most popular game apps in the world. Anyhow, most popular game apps are encouraging children to be active in online.

Psych!  Outwit your friends

It `helps you select from the categories as your friends make up false answers to real trivia questions free. Everyone receives one point for saying correct answers, and for the players, they psych into selecting wrong answers. It is a good app and free to access.

Draw something classic

You may draw the pictures for your besties near and dear ones, in this app. It is free to download. Drawing may relieve your stress. Your friends may know what you are drawing in the app directly.

Truth or Dare

This game is for teens who are studying in high school. In classic games, you may have fun from easy, medium, and high. It is free to download and very enjoyable to play with friends. It is an exciting game.

Below are Most popular game apps

Pac-man party royale

It helps you to challenge your friends to a game of Pac- man. In this, there gave an option to four players, and Pac-man standing wins. It is available by the Apple Arcades’ new $4.99 monthly subscriptions services. It is free to download.


Song pop 2

It is best for music lovers, and it is free to download. It is helpful to see for guessing the songs. You may see who among your friends assumes the song faster. Songs from artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Queen,  All will provide in-app itself.



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Without whipping the board game from the basement, you may challenge your family, friends to a game of monopoly in a 3D animation on your mobile. It is a paid app.  Its cost is $ is an entertaining game to play

NBA 2K21

Everyone may play this app in the New Year thanks to the face scanning option on the year’s companion app. There are many opportunities for you to win virtual currency, as you may use in the accompanying console version of the game. It is free to download.




This app is helpful to create your own game to play with your friends, family. You may make little friendly competition, as you may see who among your friends may complete daily crossword faster. This app provides the puzzles you see daily in your paper. It is free to download. It may increase your concentration.

Among Us

This game is straightforward. This game is very famous as the representative of this game. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also joined in this game to motivate the Youngsters. It is an interesting game. Try to install and play.


Mario Kart Tour


You may play this game with your friends by creating a Nintendo account; whoever the lovers of the classic video games will like these iPhone and iPad versions. It is free to download and interesting game to play.



In these Most popular game apps UNO game is a favorite for childhood. It is a card game. You may play the classic version with your friends over Wi-Fi, or you may play other unique arrangements. It is free to download.


Game of life

You may play this game with your friends in the holiday season. It is not free; its cost is $2.99 to download. It has a 3D replica of the classic playing board.


Heads Up

Everyone likes this game and will play it on their iPhone. The game provides more than 75 categories. It includes harry potter, marvel, and friends. Children will enjoy the above most popular game apps.

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