PUBG MOBILE/ The most popular game in the world play online

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PUBG MOBILE stands for the player’s Unknown Battleground. The publisher and developer of the PUBG game is PUBG Corporation; it is an online battle royale game, it is a multiplayer game. Game is a subsidiary of the South Korean video game firm Bluehole. Any how PUBG MOBILE is an interesting game.  It depends on the previous mods, framed by the Brendan “player Unknown” Greene. It is the inspiration of the Japanese film 2000 Battle Royale. The game, which is expanding into a standalone, is under Greene’s creative direction. PUBG MOBILE is an additive game.

One hundred players parachuted onto an island and scavenged for weapons and the weapons to kill others and avoid being killed by themselves. The best area on the game map decreases in size over time.




The directors of the Game are Brendan Greene, Jang Tae-Seok, the producer is Kim Chang Han.

The PUBG game was released on December 20, 2017. The game was first released on Microsoft Windows and Steam’s early access beta program in 2017.

Microsoft windows released the game for the Xbox one with its Xbox game preview program in the same month. Officially the game was released in September 2018. It is a mobile game, which is free to play. For Android, the game was released in September, and for the stadia, the game was released in April 2020. The PUBG game is the best game among selling, highest-grossing, and many other reasons. The game was sold for 70 million copies on personal computers and game consoles as people of over 1 billion download the game. The game grossed more than $4.3 billion on mobile devices. The game has received many positive reviews.

The game is to popularize the battle royale genre with many unofficial Chinese clones. The game has been nominated as the game of the year many times. The game has been addictive to many younger people, and it has been banned in many countries. Playing this game is harmful. Brendan Greene designed the concept of the game. Best called by his online handling player Unknown, formerly founded ARMA 2 Mod Day. The inspiration for this game is the Battle Royale film in the Japanese in 2000. The DayZ mod has interests in both realistic military simulations and open-ended gameplay. Greene developed the best multiplayer first shooters, too repetitive with maps small and easy to memorize. Greene wants to create more random aspects. It began with a high degree of replayability. He was inspired by the online competition for DayZ, known as the survivor game.

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The game PUBG game has advantages. The advantage of the game PUBG is the power of focus, Team work and Timepass


work and Timepass.




Disadvantages are many youngers and children are addicted to the game; the game is a multiplayer game, once anyone has started playing this game, they cannot live without playing the game again.  It is a waste of time, and it consumes lots of battery, affects eyes, the mobile becomes heat, the game affects mental health. Addicting much to this game is very harmful to everyone and destroys the concentration in studies. Play this game for the sake of relaxation. Do not addict much the video games. Playing for long hours is very harmful to your health. The game makes your brain feel stressed.

It is dangerous. Many people lost their lives because of this game. The Indian government banned the PUBG game on September 2, 2020, according to section 69A of the information technology act 2000.

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