Spiritual Journey / Spiritual Apps To Improve Spirituality

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Spiritual Journey / Spiritual Apps To Improve Spirituality. It is beneficial to us to improve concentration on meditation.

Head space 

This app is one of the best and the famous meditation apps. It is beautiful as it makes your meditation simple and teaches those who are at the very beginning stage of meditation. The reflection by using this app helps you to with mindfulness, anxiety, stress, and sleep. It is a very loveable app for everyone as it has many things to learn in it. After trying a free trial, you may get the app by payment. It is the best app for everyone, mainly those who are suffering from mental problems. App has the ability of reminders and widgets on devices, and the widgets give you perfect mindful messages. You may get this app free for ten days, and then if you accept it, you may purchase and use it. You may download it on both Apple and Android devices.  

 My Affirmations 

This app is terrific; it allows widgets to add to your home screen—the devices change among various Positive Affirmations. In the app itself, you will be able to choose Affirmations. You may write your Affirmations, and you may record them. It is a very fantastic way to reattach you every time you open the mobile. Observing the positive Affirmations on the home screen makes you pause and think good. It is a free app and has beautiful features.


Spiritual Stories Daily

This app has many beautiful features, this app can set great ringtones, and it gives much relaxation. This app has a part of good Spiritual Stories; they are very brief and straightforward to understand. It provides beautiful stories. It is free to download, and for additional free, you need to pay. You may download the app on Android only. It is an excellent app and helps you a lot.


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 My Phone Time


This app helps you to educate yourself about the phone. Now a day is many people are attached to the phone and spend hours on it. It allows you to monitor your mobile function and puts you in an excellent position to make changes. It is a very famous app nowadays and very useful to everyone. It is free to download and available on Android only. If you want to know about your mobile behavior, you need to download this app. It gives you a good experience.

Keep Yoga

The Keep Yoga app is excellent. The layout of this app is impressive. It is elementary to follow and very easy to use. This app is incredible for beginners of Yoga, and you may practice anywhere. The various plans are there at the yoga level, and it is easy for both beginners and regular yogis. It gives you a fantastic experience. It has an excellent medal system, calorie counter timer, and a history of training. It is free to download; it is available on both Android and Apple.


It is a perfect mood tracker, and it is effortless to use and fun too. To track your mood, you need to click on the face that matched your mood. You may change the word underneath every face to match your expression. You may review all the entries across the month and use the statistics to assess your mood in the app itself. You may easily export the data into the document. This app is fantastic; it saves your text or the item alongside your mood, adding a little more detail. You may set handy reminders as it works as a reenter yourself and assess your feelings. It is a free app, and it may be available on both Android and Apple.

Reiki healing Affirmations

It is a very love able app; it is effortless to use. It allows you to listen to the sequence of mantras. You may pick the mantras of repetition and speed. It is beneficial for everyone who is much interested in listening to mantras while doing other works. It is an excellent app for those people. It is available free, and you may download it on Android devices only. It helps you a lot and much addicted by many people. It is a much-popularized app for mantras.

 Insight Timer

It is excellent, which gives you the best practice. You may find new techniques in meditation. It allows you to enhance your concentration on meditation. It is an excellent option for those people who are loveable of meditation. It is free to download, and by subscribing, you may listen offline. It is available on both Android and Apple devices.


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