Good Friday Online Services

Good Friday Online Services

Some churches in all countries are providing Good Friday online services. They are providing prayers and meditation online by using the following link. week.s-activities.html. Visit Fort Villa United Methodist Church’s Holy Therapy. Harvest church in Mt comfort posted a devotional post to its Facebook page in the first hour on Thursday at Christians follow Good Friday’s online services. Visit St. James Lutheran Church Thursday Service.

Fort Villa Nazarene church

Visiting Fort Villa Nazarene church children’s holy week of worship on the children’s Facebook page pastoral staff will perform a live service on Friday, April 10.

James Lutheran Church sponsored a Good Friday online service on Friday.


Realife the church after a biblical event on the occasion of Good Friday. They are maintaining social distance and viewers can watch from their respective places from their vehicles to maintain social distance. The event timings are from 4 to 6 pm.

Brown’s chapel Wesleyan church

At 5.30 pm Brown’s chapel Wesleyan church will sponsor an online service. The church informed devotees to maintain social distance and listen to pastoral greetings and instructions scriptures and all relevant announcements through FM radio by sitting in their cars. Church posted on Facebook that each person’s cup and bread piece factor is sealed and will be unpacked by devotees before partaking.

Eden United Methodist Church

At 7.PM Eden United Methodist Church will sponsor a Good Friday service at the church on April 10 Friday on the church announced it would maintain social distance and watch the service in the dark.

Good Friday in India

Good Friday is a public holiday in India every person celebrates Good Friday happily. Jesus Crucifixion, death and final hours. Jesus described in the bible. Many Christians in India offer prayers in the church. Some people will live on a fast entire day on this day. Some people feel sad on Good Friday. Many churches will prepare a bitter drink from leaves, vinegar and other ingredients. This will drink everyone on behalf of Jesus.




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