The Biography Of US President Mr Joe Biden

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The Biography Of US President Mr Joe Biden. Mr. Joe Biden was born on 20 November 1942 in United States. studied in college of law in Syracuse University (1968). He was elected as Us president in 2020 Elections. Everyone is interested to read The Biography Of US President Mr Joe Biden

Early childhood continued in blue collar city of Suraston in northeast Pennsylvania, Mr. Joseph Biden father is a used car salesman and mother was Catherine Eugenia  Jean Finnegan.

School education

Mr. Biden joined in St Paul elementary school in Scranton in 1955 later his family went to May field Delaware.

Child politician

Mr. Joe Biden fought with kids and names as Dash

Mr. Joe has efficiency in writing poems and essay. After that Joe Biden joined in St Helena school he worked in school furniture and welding the garden to help his parents

During his childhood he has participated in sports, he likes football, and his coach praised him about his achievements many times


Biden Studied his graduation for Arch mere in 1961 in nearby university of Delaware, he took history and political science and interested in playing football. First two years he has spent for sports, he played football in graduation level.

In this period, He slowed interest in politics when inspiration is john Kennedy in 1961


On a tour to Bahamas during his junior graduation in Syracuse University studies, he met a beautiful girl Neila hunter, and fell in love at first sight. Later he entered into the law course In Syracuse University law school from Delaware in 1965 after that he married Neila hunter in 1966.


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Biden s an intelligent and best law student at Syracuse and achieved so many good results in his law career


After completing law course in 1968, Biden went to Wilmington Delaware. Later, he started practice in Wilmington. He also entered into politics and joined in Democratic poetry in 1970. He was elected as Councilman to a new cast country council in 1971. Afterwards he established his law firm


Mr. Biden has three children Joseph Biden in 1981, Robert hunter in 1970 and Naow Amy in 1971.

In 1972. Mr. Joe started a political campaign with his sister Valevie Biden Owens and won to become the US senator. He secured a position and became fifth youngest US senator in the nation’s history.

Big tragedy

In 1972 before Christmas, an unexpected car accident happens to his wife and three children he felt upset and recovers slowly. He cannot bear this situation in his life and late Biden Decided to continue to live with his sons in Wilmington he managed his Senate for the long time.

Senate period 

1973 to 2009 Mr. Biden served as senate career. During his tenure, he worked as leading foreign policy expert Chairman of the committee on foreign relations. Advocate for strategic arms limitation with Soviet Union

Personal life

Biden married this second wife Jill Biden, since 1977. They are blessed with daughter Ashley in 1981 on May 30 2015 Biden son Beau died at the age of 46 with Brain cancer.

Biden explained about his son that he was simple man and I never forget in my life.

2020 Presidential Campaign

In 2020, He was elected as a US president. Later President Joe Biden announced that kamala Harris is as his vice president

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