Top android apps and its uses / Android app development in India

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Top android apps and its uses / Android app development in India These technology is useful for us in our daily life. We have more benefits will android apps. We are saving our time with online transactions by using Android apps. Therefore  Top android apps and its uses / Android app development in India is necessary.

Uber is a technology app where we connect drive-partners and riders. We use the rider app to operate Uber technology to request a ride, as a nearby driver accepts your request. When the driver takes your request, the app estimates the time for the driver-partners arrival to reach your location.

App gives you a notification as to the drive-partner about to arrive. App provides you with information about the driver, such as the name of the driver, the name of the vehicle, and license plate number. This information will help you to connect with the driver to pick you up.

You may use this app at any time to reach any destination. You may pay the driver new online or you may choose other options. You have to select the payment option before you request the ride. Umber is a world-leading demanding app for riders.

Top android apps and its uses / Android app development in India


It is a famous app where people connect through images and videos from this app. It is effortless to connect with the people from this Instagram. Instagram first developed in 2010. This app includes stories, highlights, and reels.

To explore the app recommends you to use. There are more than a billion users actively. Instagram is more popular than Twitter and Facebook . It also gives news to entertainment and health. It is the world’s best and powerful app. It has many active users and has vast storage for pics and videos.


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It is a popular app, which is based on Beijing company byte dance. This Tiktok app helps create and share short videos that are set to music. It is a platform where the videos are selected by lip-synching and dancing. This app is very famous, and 90 percent of users use it daily. The users use it more frequently. People use it for an average of 52 minutes per day. The byte dance company has become one of the highest apps worldwide. Byte dance is the parent company of Tiktok.


It is an app where people plan their holidays with their locals for accommodation. It is an aggregate platform that lists apartment and boutique stays. The first idea is to encourage homestays with the city locals. The app has a global presence with millions of users open to home tourists. Airbnb app is a friendly app as it is easy to book online. The app is famous for leisure and business travelers. It is the best app to book online for those who are loveable to travel. Airbnb app is one of the most popular apps to book online.


A cloud storage app is reliable and has beautiful designs. It works excellently on several gadgets. It helps share files among a team. You may also comment on the documents you communicate with people and browse everything you store online.

The best thing about this Dropbox app is that it integrates with another app. It does not have any size limits for uploading files. 14.6 million Is the last drop box paying users? This app is free to download.



It is one of the popular apps, which is best for music space app. It is one of the top spots among many musical streaming apps. The spottily app has many different supportive free versions. The app removes ads and gives extra features like downloading songs and listening in offline mode. It is available in 61 countries and has 159 countries active users, and has a library of 35 million songs. It is one of the world’s best streaming apps.



Launched WhatsApp in 2009. Brain Acton and Jankoum throw it. Everyone sells this app to Facebook for $19billion in 2014.WhatsApp is one of the usual apps that are useable today.It is one of the most popular apps, which is useable by people across the world.The app supports communication with international networks too. Theefore, it is the world’s best app for touch. The app has more than 1.5 billion users. WhatsApp is one of the best apps for messaging across the world. It is the worldwide biggest app. It is a robust presence app in180 countries among 193 countries.

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