Top Classical Dances in India

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India is famous for art and culture. All other countries fascinate with Indian art and culture. Top Classical Dances in India are Bharatha Natyam, Kuchipudu, Odissi, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Perini Shiva Thandavam, Mohini Yattam, Manipuri. People will show interest about Top Classical dances in India worldwide

Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu)

Bharathanatyam is an Indian classical dance of Tamil Nadu. Bharatha Natyam becomes famous worldwide Dancer shows performance in all countries to show the Indian Arts and dance. Writers wrote several books like Natya Shastra. Foreigners like our classical dances than Indians. Therefore, our Artists are going to perform on the stage in foreign countries.


Kathak (North, West and Central India),

Kathak dance is a famous dance in North India. Kathak dancers also go to various countries to show their performance. Dancers perform in three distinct appearances, Known as gharanas. Jaipur, Banaras, Lucknow. Jaipur dance focuses on foot movements, The Banaras and Lucknow gharanas focus on hand movements and facial expressions. Kathak is unique for both Hindu and Muslim dances. The focus is on foot movements and facial expressions with eyes, and upper body movement, and hand movement as well.


Kathakali (Kerala),

Kathakali Is an Indian classical dance of Kerala state. Kathakali dance origin from Malayalam dance. It was being known 500 years ago. Dance troupes include the female also in their stage performance. Kathakali lovers will encourage the katha kali troupes to perform in several countries.


Kuchipudi (Andhra)

Kuchipudi is a famous dance in Andhra Pradesh. People love this dance worldwide. Kuchipudi dancers went to show their performance in various areas. Government supports the Dance Academy to spread it worldwide. Costumes of the artist are head decoration and facial masks with attractive paints.


Odissi (Odisha)

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Odissi is a famous Indian dance of Odisha state. It is introduced in the Odisha state the story play of this dance. It will play in the Hindu religion. All songs are praising the Lord Vishnu, Shiva,


Mohiniyattam is another dace of Kerala. It is also popular in India. Now artists are going to perform in other states. Costumes of this dance attract visitors. Head decoration face mask and various styles like paints with several colors. Keralites introduced these dances.


Manipuri {Manipur}

Manipuri is a famous dance in India. The other name for the Manipuri dance is Jogoi. Dance performers show Hinduism in the story play of Manipuri. Writers wrote stories about Lord Radha-Krishna, as the story plays for the Manipuri. It is more attractive to see on the stage. Stage performers will get compliments for this dance performance.

Sattriya Dance

Sattriya Dance popularized in the 15th century. A.D. Vaishnava Saint of Assam State introduced this dance. Later it became popular because dancers perform this dance in a distinctive style.


Perini shiva thandavam

Perini Shiva thandavam is an Indian famous dance of Telangana. During kakatiya, dynasty male artists performed this dance. It is known as ‘Dance of Warriors’ Shiva thandavam is a well-known dance all over India. Artists perform this dance around the world.


Indian classical dances are famous worldwide. Everyone likes these dances. Dance performers show various styles in all Indian dances. Dance troups will change distinctive styles to attract visitors. Indian government supports the art and culture department to spread about our art and culture worldwide.

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