Why should we use solar products

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A solar cooker is a gadget used to cook food materials. The Solar Cooker is currently in use because it saves power and easy to cook. Some devices are powerful, expensive, and advanced than traditional stoves.


Large-scale solar cookers can cook for hundreds of people without using any fuel and cost nothing to operate and pollution-free.


This process is by converting light energy to heat energy Sunlight falls into a receiver such as a cooking pan. The interaction between the light energy and the receiver material converts light to heat. This process is known as conduction. The pots and pans are on solar cookers. There are more than 300 models of solar cookers are there. Those are useful in our daily life to serve the people instant.


The cooking time depends mainly on the material used and the amount of sunlight that passes at that moment. In the morning or evening, it takes more time to cook. However, in the afternoon, we can cook in a few minutes. Besides, it depends on the quantity of food also. The temperature is heavy in summer, and it will show the performance of the cooker. Large quantity of food and large pieces takes a longer time to cook. However, depending on local conditions and the solar cooker type, the time and cooking quality were maintains.




High-performance solar cookers can attain temperatures above 290degree centigrade. So this will use to fry meat, make soup, and boil water in a few minutes.

Solar cookers are free fuel; it saves cost and reduces environmental damage. It is fuel-free and easy to cook.



 Solar cookers cannot use at night and in cool weather.

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 Cool temperature affects solar cookers’ cooking system.

 In the North Pole and the South Pole of earth, we cannot use solar cookers because of low sunlight. 


Solar lamp


A solar lamp means solar light. It is a lighting system composed of LED light, solar panel, battery, capacitor, and an inverter.

The lamp works on electricity from the batteries charged with solar panels. As the cost and operating of electrical lamps and kerosene lamps are high, to save our time and save fuel and other materials, solar lamps are low-cost and free. Solar lamps are easy to maintain, as they do not have any cable. With low maintenance cost and no current bills.


Solar pond 


When we hear about a solar pond, we will talk about what is the solar pond. What is its use? What it forms? Etc.

The actual explanation of a solar pond is that a solar pond is a pool of saltwater, which collects and stores thermal energy. When sunrays fall on the pond, water gets heated. The hot water goes down, and cool water comes out. The conduction process takes place. The conduction process means the process by which heat transmits by the moment of a heated fluid such as air or water. Changes in Salt level too occurs which then this saltwater will pump away to use in electricity generation through a turbine. 


Solar Road panels


The main idea of solar road panels is to use the space occupied by the road to generate electricity. By using photovoltaic panels placed on the road surface. The electricity produced on road surfaces is for streetlights, road markings, warning messages to reduce speed, etc. It is wireless and a lot of effort, timesaving process. These solar road panels have to develop more effectively as their uses are vast.


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